Rashel Diaz For Selecta and Conexiones

Just wanted to share some of my work back when I was still preggo. I had the pleasure of working once again with my client and dear friend Rashel Diaz for the cover of Selecta Magazine October 2014 and Conexiones December 2014. Photographer: Kike San Martin 
Hair and Makeup: Andrea Castro
Styling: Karla B Style


My Birth Story- Kylie Rose Bernal

If you don't already know, I have a 4 year old son, Lucas Daniel, he was born via emergency c-section, so this time around I didn't have much of a choice and the plan was a scheduled c-section. The birth was scheduled for Monday, October 27th. 

A couple weeks prior I started getting plenty of contractions, aka Braxton Hicks, something I never experienced with my son. This convinced me that there was no way I was going to make it to my scheduled date. That, and the fact that I was "over" being pregnant already. (Those of you that are moms will understand me) 
I made 2 trips to the hospital, false alarms, of course. By then, anytime I would mention I was getting contractions, my hubby swore I was crying wolf. Until, the morning of Thursday, October 23rd...I woke up with a really strong contraction that immediately convinced me that today was THE day. Still, I waited it out. I had pretty strong contractions all day, but since all I read was that they needed to be in a consistent pattern, I wasn't sure if it was "time". Jorge (the hubby) came home from work around 1pm, and witnessed as these contractions kept coming and they were coming strong...still not consistent but strong.  He looked nervous but at the same time, thought I was exaggerating. Until, I got a contraction so strong it brought tears to my eyes... And P.s. I never cry, so I was obviously in a lot of pain. I told him, "this is not normal, we need to get ready and head to the hospital". As much as one tries to plan for when the moment comes, you're never ready and all the plans you had, never get executed how you thought. 

Lucas was home from school so we had to drop him off at my mother in laws house before heading to the hospital. Thank goodness bags were packed! We were out the door rather quickly and headed to drop off my son. By then my contractions kept getting closer and closer and not to mention, stronger! I was so nervous, never experienced this before (my water broke with Lucas and I was given epidural before I even felt any contractions). My wonderful husband made sure to record the adventure but I'm too embarrassed to share! I never realized how horrible a pregnant woman can look when going through a contraction! Scary!

We get to the hospital, and when I finally get checked, I'm 3 cm dialated and my contractions are 2 mins apart. Ha! Told ya! (That was for the hubby!) 
They admitted me, signed papers, got an IV in, and next thing I know I'm headed to Pre-OP to prep me for surgery. Again, ha! I told ya so! (For the hubby) 

Again, I was so nervous about the Spinal Tap, and the surgery etc... But I said to myself, nothing can be more painful than these contractions! I honestly had the best team. The spinal didn't hurt at all! My anesthesiologist was amazing! (First time around, wasn't so pleasant)


Before I knew it, wahhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhh! The most beautiful sound you can possibly hear when you're on the operating table, the cry of my daughter as she came into this world. My daughter, Kylie Rose, was born at 9:50pm on October 23rd! Weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 19 inches long. She was healthy and perfect! And I share with you the moment we first met. 

Photo credits: Jorge Bernal



Mommy Duty

Tomorrow marks officially one month that my beautiful Kylie Rose was born. And as I sit here watching her nap on the MamaRoo before her next feeding, I starting thinking that I wanted to make my blog/ website a priority now that I'm taking some time off of work to care for her. 

So this will become an outlet for me to talk about my experiences of being a mom all over again, as well as, talk about fashion, beauty, baby products, and baby fashion, of course! 

Stay tuned for my birth story! 


Rashel Diaz featured on People en Español -Look del Dia

Rashel Diaz was featured on People en Español's online section "Look del Dia" with her ensemble for the
Telemundo Upfronts held in New York on Tuesday, May 13th. She wore a white cocktail dress from Koko Palenki Merrick Park with gold gladiator sandals and gold accesories and orange and turquoise drop earrings. Styling by Karla B Style. Always a pleasure to work with her. 

The link below:

Photos courtesy of PeopleenEspañol.com and Getty Images 


Viña del Mar- Tommy Torres

Aqui comparto con ustedes unos looks de Tommy Torres en uno de los eventos más grandes y prestigiosos de Chile, Viña del Mar. 


Venue Magazine Nov/Dec 2013 Cover - Behind the scenes

Aqui les dejo in pequeño adelanto de lo que verán en la portada de Venue Magazine de nov/dic 2013! Nada más ni nada menos que el guapísimo JenCarlos Canela! 

Fotos: Kike Sanmartin
Styling: Karla Birbragher
Hair and Makeup: Marcos Carasquillo 


Latin Billboards a la Musica Mexicana

Tengo el placer de estar trabajando con la presentadora de los Latín Billboards a la Musica Mexicana, Aylin Mujica. Va a tener 4 cambios durante la noche, la van a ver más bella que nunca! No se lo pierdan el 9 de octubre solo por Telemundo! 

Aquí les dejo una foto finalizando nuestra primera prueba de vestuario ;)